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The Brew Chef

I was born and raised on a ranch in Wyoming. Being on a ranch made me love and appreciate the outdoors. It also made me appreciate the hard work that goes into good food. Ranching and grilling go hand in hand. I learned to grill alongside my dad in my toddler overalls and never stopped. I also learned to appreciate beer and grilling through my college years. Having drinks on a patio with the grill or smoker going is the perfect day.

I have spent a lot of time tasting different sauces and spirits and something was missing. I am an Engineer by trade and I found a problem that needed to be solved. I spent a lot of time engineering the perfect sauce mix. A mix that can be customized depending on the drink flavor liquid added. It is delicious and unique. I am so proud of the product we have made. I find something new to make every day and I hope our customers will do the same.