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What is BrewBQ Sauce Mix?

Basically...this is BBQ Sauce like you've never seen before!

Everyone at The Brew Chef loves grilling and we also love the flavors of our favorite we created BrewBQ Sauce Mix to allow you to combine these delicious tastes to create sauces and marinades like you've never tasted.

BrewBQ Sauce Mix is a dry spice mix that, unlike most rubs or spices, is meant to combine with liquids.  We've worked tirelessly (meaning lots of drinking and grilling) to create the best mix of spices that blends into your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink flavors to make AMAZING sauces and marinades.

Try some of our favorite combinations:

  • Scotch Steak

  • Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings

  • Lemonade Chicken

  • Root Beer Ribs (or just beer ribs)

  • Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

  • Red Bull Red Snapper

  • Orange Juice Fish

The best part is that you make only as much as you want and try a different flavor for every meal.

Show your creative side and share with us what you make!