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BrewBQ Cast Iron Breakfast

Weekends are for taking your time to make a savory and delicious breakfast. It is so nice to not have to worry about workouts, traffic and rushing out the door. We love to try experiment and new creations on the weekend since we have the time.

We also love cooking with cast iron. Especially after your cast iron has been used a few times and seasoned properly. This weekend we decided to try bacon and eggs in the cast iron with a little BrewBQ. It was amazing! It gave the bacon a little spice and a great caramelization. The eggs got a little smoked and spicy zip also. Give it a try for breakfast today.

  • Here are our tips for caring for your cast iron pan:

  • Wipe out the pan, don’t wash it out

  • Scour with sea salt and a paper towel

  • Coat the pan with a thin layer of oil

  • Heat on the stove until the pan just starts to smoke

  • Let the pan cool and store

  • Store in a location where oil can’t transfer

  • If it needs to be washed, put on a heated stove until all the water is gone and start at the top

Enjoy your cast iron cooking and breakfast with BrewBQ!

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