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The Brew Chef Travels - Seattle

We love Seattle for many reasons. The largest is probably that it was home for me for several years. Since we have been together we have had the opportunity to go back and visit often. I wanted to share some of our favorite spots. There will be more sharing of our favorite spots because there are so many! Here are the top spots that you must visit when you go.

The absolute best place to stay when you are in Seattle is the Edgewater Hotel. It is a little pricier than most hotels (especially if there is a cruise ship departing near your stay). It is completely worth it to stay there. We got a room with a fireplace and a bear footstool! We also got a room with a balcony which was amazing. We could stand on the deck and look down into the water and see tons of jellyfish. It also had great amenities and was really close to everything we wanted to do in the heart of the city.

When you are ready for breakfast, the best place you can go that is quick, sassy, delicious and just overall good is Biscuit Bitch. Make sure you map it because it looks like all the other non-chain coffee shops in Seattle – and there are a lot of those. This is anything but an ordinary coffee shop. I got the Gritty Scrambled Cheesy Bitch (vegetarian version)

and David had the Straight-Up Bitch with a side of grits. Everything was soooooo good! If you are in Seattle, you have to stop here. Keep in mind there is a little attitude from the staff but that is part of the fun. Enjoy bitches!

After a big breakfast like that you need to work it off. Discovery Park is one of the most beautiful places close to the heart of the city. A perfect place to run or walk off all the yummy biscuits. It has a special place in my heart because I started running in this park. When you go, make sure you get out to the light house. There is a lot of territory to cover and they have lots of activities – most of them in the summer. If you want an amazing view of the Puget Sound this is the spot.

Time to stop in for a drink. If I haven’t said it before David has a place in his heart for Irish pubs. I had been to one when I lived in Seattle many times. We had to pay it a visit (even on a sunny day)! Kells near Pikes Place Market is the perfect representation of a typical Irish Pub. Traditional authentic food and drinks and several people on the staff have Irish accents. Try the Seafood Pasty, a traditional Irish pastry. It was amazing! If you go at night, make sure you have your dancing shoes on. The Irish bands do not disappoint.

We found out there was a local distillery downtown, so of course we had to visit. Copperworks is down near the water and has a beautiful facility. We didn’t do the tour on our visit but I am sure it is amazing. We did a tasting and loved their whiskey. I got the gin as a gift for a friend that is a gin lover and she raved about it. Definitely check this distillery out when you go.

Almost every time someone would come visit when I lived in Seattle we would go on the Underground Tour. Much like Rome is a city built on another city, Seattle is the same way. Going on the Underground Tour you actually get to see the original city and hear the somewhat shitty history. (You’ll understand that when you go on the tour.) In the summer the tour books up with large groups. If you go, try an off day or time or go during the winter.

Last place on our first Seattle list is Serious Pie in downtown Seattle. Their food is so good. They age their own meat that goes on the pizza! They have a beautiful wood burning oven that links to their local roots. We have been here a few times and the pizza is always outstanding. Definitely check out the downtown location. Watch your step when going in, there are a few steps down. Such a great local place to visit.

What are you favorite places to visit in Seattle? Let us know in the comments.

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