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Tuesday Tools - Aprons

We love to cook, pretty sure that is obvious. But I also have a pretty good amount of OCD which leads to lots of cleaning. I will admit I don't always use aprons, when I don't I always wonder why. The thing I am usually getting messy in the kitchen is myself. This time of year it seems especially important when there is a lot of baking happening. No matter how much you try to keep yourself clean, when there is flour involved it just isn't possible.

We have attended several cooking classes either at the Salt Lake Institute of Culinary Education or other places and aprons are part of the uniform before anyone starts cooking. At the New Orleans School of Cooking we got to keep ours!

They can also be fun! We found this cute shop on Etsy that has great options for aprons for men and women. We are giving one away on Instagram this week in the gift pack above. Check out The Brew Chef on Instagram to enter. The gift pack also comes with a 3 in 1 grill brush, also perfect for the OCD chef to keep the grill nice and clean.

Let us know if you have a favorite apron or ways to use aprons. Happy baking season.

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