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Tuesday Tools - Cast Iron

We love cooking with cast iron. There are several benefits (here is a great list) but I think the reason we love it so much is the taste. By continually using and seasoning your cast iron it builds up flavor that adds to anything you make.

We started with a 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge. As we used it more and more we realized how much we loved it. While it was useful and becoming our go to pan, it was small. Scallops fit perfectly and the taste the cast iron brings to them was amazing. You could also do a few eggs and some bacon but s couple steaks wouldn't fit

We then upgraded to a 15 Inch Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge. Much better fit for two large rib eyes or a few chicken breasts. After a few attempts at fried chicken in a regular pan we determined there was another good use for cast iron so we added a Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot from Amazon. Again, the seasoning that it delivers gives the fried chicken a very special flavor. Look for our fried chicken recipe in a future post.

Cast iron is easy to use, adds a ton of flavor to your food and is easy to clean. It is also much more durable to use than other non-stick pans. For our recommendation on how to care for your cast iron check out our BrewBQ Breakfast post. Tell us what your favorite cast iron pan is and what you look to cook with cast iron.

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