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Tuesday Tools - Cooking Classes

One of the best tools I think we had utilized since we have started cooking more and more is attending cooking classes. It seems like every time we go; we get some new trick or tip. I think we have gotten pretty good at cooking, but I am always surprised how much I learn each time we take a new class. Locally we love to go to Salt Lake Institute of Culinary Education or SLICE. Since we love to travel and cooking, we took a cooking class on one of our trips to New Orleans. Read about that trip here. Now I want to add a cooking class to our plan for every trip.

Most of the classes we have attended are basically the same. You cook at least 3 courses and the recipes will be handed out when you arrive at the class. In most of the classes, they have mise en placed most of the ingredients. Here are a few recommendations and suggestions on finding, attending and getting the most of your next cooking class. Since we can’t attend in person now, I highly recommend getting a gift certificate for a future class.


I look for classes that have at least 3 different things to cook. They must also have hands on components. I don’t want to watch someone cook. I want to do it. There are some that focus on a certain type of food like pasta or bread, but I think focusing on a meal give you a better variety of experiences to take back to your own kitchen.


I try to find classes that have ingredients I will eat, or they can make accommodations. Since I am the beady eyed vegetarian (no beef or pork), many of the meals won’t work. If I do find a menu that I like and it does contain beef or pork, I email the location of the class and ask if they can make adjustments. They usually are willing to make changes or a vegetarian dish along with other things.


They are so many things we normally do in the kitchen, or tools that we use, or ways of doing things that I wonder if they are correct. Think about all of those things and bring questions. The instructors are more than willing to answer and share their experiences. Write down all the things you think you need to remember on your recipe sheets. We have saved them and refer back to them often.

PLAN A PARTY We have many friends that we love to hang out with and planning a cooking party is the perfect way to celebrate together. Usually if you are planning a party the facility will have special menu options. Contact them to make arrangements.

Overall support your local cooking institutions and buy gift certificates for future classes and then plan a class as soon as we can all get back together. Support your local businesses!

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