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Tuesday Tools - Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set

I thought we could share one of our other favorite tools we use frequently in the kitchen. Our Electric Salt & Pepper Mill Set is something we use daily. I am not a big fan of things on the counter but this is something I am glad to have on the counter. Very convenient to have right next to the stove for adding that little extra spice to all our dishes.

I also like how it applies the spice evenly to all our dishes. See the application to a few of the prepped steaks. We have been to cooking classes where they show you the pinch technique but I don't feel like that always evenly distributes the spice. These do give you the even spice you want.

The other thing we do with this to make sure the spicing is consistent is counting while you are adding salt and pepper to your dish. For things like this casserole (recipe here) it helps keep the spice at a controlled level. The other nice thing about these is the adjustable grind level so you can adjust how course or fine the grind is can make a huge difference in your dishes. We got ours at Bed Bath & Beyond, click here for the link. With their 20% off coupons you can usually get these for a pretty reasonable price and they will last. I also love trying different kinds of salt and pepper in the mill to see how they change up the dishes.

I have also added a link to our 6 Piece Kitchen Tool Set available on Amazon (one of our other favorite kitchen tools). Share your favorite kitchen tools in the comments.

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