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Tuesday Tools - Vacuum Sealer

I don’t know how it started but I have become a huge bargain hunter when it comes to grocery shopping. Part of it is probably because our favorite grocery store offers loyalty coupons and points. It is also like a game to figure out how much I can save on each trip to the store. I remember my mom clipping coupons and organizing them in small expandable file folder, I am not there yet (cross your fingers that I don't get there). How does that relate to tools in the kitchen? We got this vacuum sealer about a year ago and I thought it was a crazy purchase and something we would never use. I was completely wrong.

Here are the major ways that we use it:

  • Buying large packages of meat and breaking down into portion packs. When the store has a sale on our favorite cuts of meat, we buy the larger packs and take them home and break them down into the portions we would use for each meal. There are only two of us, so 6 chicken breasts in a pack doesn’t make sense. If it is cheaper to get that pack and break it down, why not! I have also been able to do individual portions for burgers that would normally go in a Ziploc and get freezer burn.

  • We grind our own meat from larger packages of meat. Since we got our grinder (more about that in this post), we have been getting larger packages of meat and grinding what we need. The nice thing about that is we can grind and season what we need for individual recipes. For example, grind meat for Italian dishes and add the appropriate seasoning. We put the portion we will use in a bag label it and stick it in the freezer. We have pre-seasoned meat at the ready to use in our staple recipes like burgers, chili and tacos.

  • Sealing things that can be used later. Over Thanksgiving we saved half of the turkey carcass and made soup over the long weekend. We still had a ton leftover that we wanted to use for another soup. We put it in a large bag, sealed it and now it is waiting for us to use when we are ready.

  • We sometimes make too much! We have been known to overestimate how much we need to make to feed the guests we have coming over. I am a recipe follower and there are many times I have ignored the section that contains “serves”. So now we have pasta dough vacuum sealed and ready for our next carb craving.

Our freezer is well stocked with a variety of goodies. Overall, I’m not sure how much it has saved in the last year, but I do know that I would not want to live without it. The brand we have is on Amazon here. I recommend following the instructions and keep an eye on which bags you use most. We are almost through our first set. Let me know if you have one and what your favorite use is. Happy Tuesday!

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