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Creating BrewBQ was all about bringing flavors together in a sauce mix that give anyone the base to create unique and different flavors based on what they are cooking or the liquid they want to use. With the resealable bag you can only make what you need for each meal and save the rest. Create different variations every time you use BrewBQ. We have a variety of flavors so the options will be endless. BrewBQ is easy to make – just add your favorite drink flavor, mix and start cooking!


BrewBQ Bacon Jalapeno adds the two best compliments to any BBQ, bacon and jalapenos. Savory and spicy combine with original BrewBQ for a unique twist. Add citrus like lemonade or orange juice for things like chicken or fish. Add coffee for steak or soda for pork. Each taste will be different, and you can make just what you need for each meal. Made with all-natural ingredients.

BrewBQ Bacon Jalapeno Sauce Mix

  • Make every meal amazing!

    • Use on anything – ribs, steak, chicken, vegetables, or soups
    • Easy to use - just pour in your favorite drink flavor, mix and grill
    • Custom and different barbecue with each use
    • Re-sealable bag so make only what you need for each meal
    • All natural ingredients